So I've decided to use this page to tell you about some of the things I enjoy and give you links to sites about those things.   So here it goes:


Family is super important to me and so I felt I should put a little section here for them. Here are some links to my family members' web pages:

  • - This is the place that allows me to even have a home page. It has links to Wen family members' pages (Grandpa, Uncle John, Chris and Jeff). (Unfortunately, those family members whose last names aren't "Wen" aren't included so they'll have their own listing.)

  • Rachel Lin - If you want to see an awesome home page, visit Rachel's. She's a cousin on my dad's side of the family who is currently studying in London. Chris and I hope to visit her when we're out there.


I started cooking when I moved into my very first apartment in Troy, NY.  I try to cook as often as I can (which can be difficult with my schedule) and vary the types of food I cook.  

  • Epicurious - This is an awesome website that has tons of recipes.  You can create your own recipe box to store recipes you like.  Contact me to get some of my favorite recipes!

  • Cooking Light - Eating healthy is as must!  I absolutely love this magazine and cook a lot from it.  It has sections on a cooking class, recipes under 30 minutes, vegetarian recipes, travel, exercise, and beauty.  I highly recommend this magazine!


I started rowing crew in college and really liked it. But when practices started at 5AM and all I was doing was coxing, I called it quits.  Then when Albany Med had a crew team that was focused on fun and not winning, I was sucked back into it and became co-president of the club for a few years.

More to Come...